A Case Study


How do you amalgamate 15 medical research foundations into one?! 


The organisation uniquely had 15 internal medical research foundations whose objectives were to increase the resources of the organisation to support identified areas of medical research, education and scholarship. Each foundation had its own constitution, council, staff and passionate donors, many of whom were prominent members of the Sydney community. Some had been operating for over 50 years.  During the period 2009 to mid-2014 my role was to strategically implement a standard constitution and ensure compliance with legal and governance standards within an over...

A Case Study


There have been a number of fundamental changes to the charitable sector in Australia in the past few years – the GFC, the role and growth of major gift philanthropists, changes in government policy regarding funding of charities and the development of social venture capital as a funding source. These factors have meant that charities have had to take a more pragmatic measurable approach to the effectiveness of their mission, they have had to introduce transparency in their financial reporting and their governance framework whilst retaining the passion of supporters. Here is a case study of an organisation going through that jour...

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